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        3. Shenzhen UG Lighting Technology Co.,Ltd.



          Product NameUG-3T285-30W

          Product Description

          New design LED track light 30W 50W

          3 Phase ,4 Phase available



          Flood light housing color: Sliver/White/Black
          1. Material: Aluminum
          2. Input: 85 to 265V AC, 50/60Hz
          4. Lumen: 110-130lm /W
          5. Color rendering index: Ra>80
          6. Beam Angle: 15/25/40/60/90 degrees
          7. Indoor using and outdoor using IP65
          8. Include driver
          9. Lifespan: 50000 H
          10. No UV or filcker

          11. Three years warranty


          Exhibition halls, Show rooms, garden, buildings, park, gas station, Brand stores, Specialty shops, Department stores, Supermarkets, Shopping malls, Commercial buildings, Offices, Homes, Fashion shops etc.

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